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October 29, 2015: iMPak Health Forms Collaborative Agreement with HP

June 18, 2015:Medication Management Technologies PROVIDER CASE STUDIES 2015
May 1, 2015: NetScientific Forms New Digital Health Company With iMPak Health
December 2, 2014: 
Kraken Helping patients Take Their Meds
February 27, 2012: 
Health Data Management, Chip Cards Help Monitor Home Patients
February 24, 2012: Healthcare IT News, Video: iMPak Health Journal 
February 24, 2012: 
Healthcare IT News Canada,Video: iMPak Health Journal 
February 24, 2012: 
Medical Device Daily, Getting patients involved in healthcare the goal of the PHR 
February 24, 2012: 
The Health Guide, iMPak Health Journal 
February 22, 2012: mHIMSS, NoMoreClipboard, iMPakHealth unveil Health Journals at HIMMS12 
October 5, 2011: 
New Jersey Tech Weekly, NJ's Meridian, T-Mobile Bring NFC Sleep Tracking Capability to Consumers 
September 29, 2011: 
BusinessWire, Smart cards, mobile telephony and M2M at the heart of e-health services  
August 11, 2011: 
Mobile Heatlhcare Today, Impak Moves Beyond the Phone
June 2011: 
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, Bottom Line on Compliance Packaging
May 2, 2011: Near Field Communications World, SleepTrak uses NFC to monitor and report on sleep disorders 
April 27, 2011: 
RFID Journal, RFID Sensors Track Sleep Patterns 
April 21, 2011: 
MobileHealthWatch, Sleeping with your smart phone? 
April 20, 2011: 
Mobile Marketing Watch, First Ever NFC Enabled mHealth App to Help You Sleep Introduced by iMPak Health 
April 8, 2011: 
BluePrint Health IT Innovation Summit Series Blog: Successful Innovation Often Starts with Solving a Problem 
November 10, 2010: 
Navigating the Perfect Storm: Healthcare in 2010 and Beyond 
September 20, 2010: 
Heartbeats Blog, Health Living Hospital Series, Meridian Health Planning Health Journal for Pain
August 10, 2010: CNN Money, Health care goes wireless
July 13, 2010: mHealth Update, Meridian Health and Cypak announce joint mHealth venture
July 12, 2010: mobiHealthNews, NJ Hospital taps Cypak for mHealth joint venture
May 6, 2010: Healthcare Packaging, Healthcare reform could boost use of compliance-prompting packaging

Press Releases 

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May 1, 2015: NetScientific Forms New Digital Health Company With iMPak Health


July 23: U.S. patients of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to exceed 130 million by 2017

June 17: iMPak Health Executive Director Sandra Elliott invited to TEDMED "Great Challenges" discussion

February 24: iMPak Health Honored as Recipient of 2014 Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Awards


March 20, 2013: iMPak Health Selected to be part of TEDMED 2013
March 3, 2013:
Meridian Health Executive to Speak At HiMSS13 in New Orleans
February 12, 2013:
iMPak Health Announces Agreement with HealthSaaS for their Connected Outcomes Platform
January 31, 2013: iMPak Health releases the Kraken
May 16, 2012: iMPak Health Announces NFC Enabled Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Application
January 11, 2012: 
HealthSaaS Inc. with iMPak Health and Meridian Health Announce Integrated Pain Management and Medication Adherence Solution
December 5, 2011: 
NoMoreClipboard Partners with IMpak Health and Meridian Health to Develop Comprehensive ACO Solutions
October 13, 2011:
Meridian Health and iMPak Health Announces Sleep "Reality Video" Contest
October 3, 2011:
Meridian Health and iMPak Health Tap T-Mobile to Deploy Near Field Communication Technology for Mobile Health Application
August 8, 2011: 
Sleep Less, Sleep More, Go to Your App Store
April 19, 2011: 
iMPak Health Announces first NFC Enabled Health and Wellness Application
January 5, 2010:
Meridian Health and Cypak Partner to Develop Innovative Healthcare Solutions



Upcoming Events

December 7-10 2014: Join us at booth #903 in the qualcomm pavilion at this year's MHealth Summit in Washington DC
Highlights will be Kraken Medication Management system and Smart Journals

Past Events

April 3 - 5, 2012:RFID Journal LIVE!  10th Annual Conference & Exhibition, Track & Manage Everything
Sandra Elliott will be presenting RFID-Enabled Journals Help Patients Track and Manage Chronic Diseases
April 12-14, 2011: 
RFID Journal LIVE!  9th Annual Conference & Exhibition, Put RFID to Work
Sandra Elliott will be presenting RFID in Health Care on April 12
April 19 - 21, 2011:  WIMA 5th Global NFC Applications Products & Services Congress
Per Nathanaelson, President of iMPak Health, will be presenting on Connected Health on April 20 during the NFC Forum.
View the Video from this Event May 3, 2011: 
Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council's RxAdherence 2011 Event
Sandra Elliott will be presenting Improving Patient Outcomes through the use of e-diaries within the Meridian Healthcare System.
July 28-29, 2011:  3rd Annual Leadership Summit on mHealth
September 13, 2011: RFID in Health Care Conference
September 20-21, 2011: e-Patient Connections
October 20-21, 2011: Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health, 2011 Connected Health Symposium
December 1-2, 2011: New York eHealth Collaborative, Digital Health Conference 2011
December 5-7, 2011: mHealth Summit, Shaping the Future of Mobile Health