Health Solutions

iMPak Health has developed a set of diverse and high value Bluetooth Low Energy enabled health and wellness devices that can be used independently or in combination to better assess and manage common chronic conditions, provide health risk assessments, and track progress in making healthy lifestyle changes.  

Our tools empower individuals to know more about their health and track their progress in meeting their healthy lifestyle goals through easy, real time data collection and trending that helps health care enterprises, providers, and patients get the most value from growing information resources.


Beyond Innovative Devices - Creating Value

Keeping data collection simple and low cost is key to the innovation of each device.  However, the ease of integrating the data into various clinical applications is where real value is produced.  Data from symptom tracking journals and vital sign oriented medical devices can easily be integrated into comprehensive personal health records, physician electronic health records, and other clinically related databases to create "end to end" documentation for overall condition management.

Full Range of Health Solutions for a Range of Potential Use Cases

iMPak Health can help you through a full range of solutions no matter your organization's unique market needs and opportunities. 

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