is just the first in a series of books that will use the Emmett character to encourage the development of healthy habits in young children. In this first book, children will learn that physical activity is necessary to be energized. The book will be the core of a package that will include a pedometer and an Emmett vinyl character. Kids will be able to wear the pedometer each day and upload their steps to a mobile Emmett Game. Once the steps are loaded into the mobile game, their own personal Emmett will travel from their current location (GPS based) in a random direction. Kids will collect badges for levels of “miles” they can move Emmett throughout the country (first 1000 miles, state badges, first 20,000 miles, etc.). The motivation to keep Emmett traveling in the game will help motivate kids to take more steps each day. Children will also interact with the game in which they use educational clues and bonus “Bot-Power” questions to help Emmett find his family. Both kids and Emmett will learn factoids, history, and trivia of the places Emmett visits and travels to. Their brain power, along with their foot power, will empower Emmett to travel the globe.

This is an easy and fun way to help children learn new health and wellness habits. Studies show that a child’s physical wellbeing has a significant effect on their learning and long-term success. Because healthy children are more likely to grow into healthy, happy adults, parents are often looking for ways to develop lifelong healthy habits in their children.

Our next Emmett saga will focus on sleep habits and handling stressful situations, all while Emmett travels to a new far off land in hopes of finding his lost family members.