Big Technology, Small Package

At iMPak Health, we have designed a series of mobile health solutions that are both low cost and easy to use. Each iMPak Health product, such as SleepTrak, Kraken; our Medication Management System, and RhythmTrak, allow users to collect pertinent data and upload the information to a Bluetooth enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled computer.

The monitoring device is about the size of a credit card. While small in size these are sophisticated devices capable of completing an array of tasks ranging from a simple recording of symptoms in a daily health journal to sophisticated functions like analyzing a drop of blood or delivering ECG readouts. All units are Bluetooth enabled and are able to pair with any Bluetooth 4.0 device.

Each iMPak Health device has a built in battery and requires no other source of power. Under normal use data recorded on the card should be safe for up to 10 years.

Other Key Features

  •  Auditory and visual feedback lets user know data is entered correctly
  •  All entries are time and date stamped
  •  Each device features a real-time internal clock
  •  Battery discharge function enables total drain for recycling