Welcome to iMPak Health, where leading wireless technology and practical health care needs come together to make a positive impact on a person's overall well-being.
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Upcoming Events

April 12-16 HIMSS.  Join us in the Qualcomm Life Pavillion at this years HIMSS Conference in Chicago.  For more information please visit http://www.himssconference.org/ 

Highlights will be Kraken Medication Management system and Smart Journals


Our mission is to develop innovative, easy-to-use devices to screen, diagnose, and monitor health conditions through wireless technology. If you are looking for low-priced devices or end to end solutions in the areas of general health and wellness, heart disease, pulmonary condition management or even medication management, iMPak Health can help.

Each solution comes with portable, lightweight, wirelessly enabled devices that make data collection and reporting extremely easy for almost any type of user.

2014 News: iMPak Health Honored as Recipient of the 2014 Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Awards!